Paradox and Empyrean

~mountains of North Carolina, USA
~avid bookworm
~lunar soul / aquatic heart
~collector of strange
and beautiful things
~aspiring weirdo

My blog consists of varying things that are of interest to me or are related to areas of personal study, including but not limited to...victorian era, gothic lolita, funeral rituals/memento mori, owls, peacocks, moths, mythology, alchemy, magick/occult pratctices, doom metal, black metal, rarities, old books, anatomy, botany, vintage ads, art, sacred geometry, weird/bizarre things, and much more than I could ever possibly list. I try to find lots of new original stuff to share when I can.

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If you find something you like, chances are I have more related items to it throughout my stream, just search my absurdly long list of tags.

My top posts page are original submitted posts which are highly reblogged for whatever reason, or special blog posts.

Know the details of a missing or incorrect source? Please let me know so I can fix it.

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